Google Search Reviews SEO Ranking Tips Revealed: What It Takes to Win This 2021

Google Search Reviews SEO Ranking Tips Revealed: What It Takes to Win This 2021  ( Screenshot From Pexels Official Website )

Ranking on Google has been something that marketers, bloggers, and content creators have been struggling to do this 2021. While ranking back in the early 2010s used to be easier since it relied on keywords more than content, the times have changed and even the Google algorithm has evolved.

Google Search reviews

Everyone knows that Google Search is basically one of the most common ways that people try to find reviews for a certain product, information online, or just something fun to do.

Nowadays, it has become really difficult to be able to find out just which reviews turn out to be actually helpful instead of fluff.

This is exactly why Google has announced a recent update to its complicated search algorithm, which makes a promise to filter out those less-helpful reviews. According to the story by XDA developers, Google is now rolling out its very own “product reviews update” which basically says that the company is now trying to prioritize in-depth research.

Google updates its requirements

The details can be found on the Google Developers page, which shows just how much Google has changed for content creators.

As of the moment, this update is only limited to those reviews that are actually written in English. Google also notes that the main overall focus is centered around providing users with the quality content that would give them insightful analysis as well as their own original research.

It is also reportedly written by other experts or enthusiasts that are massively familiar with the topic.

The announcement, however, didn’t reveal just how Google has decided to make this massive change.

On the other hand, there are certainly a number of articles and pages that are currently labeled reviews,  which technically aren’t too strict. It is quite common for publishers to actually describe their early hands-on content or even their first impressions as reviews.

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Quality is the key to content

Google won’t rank lower quality reviews in comparison to the other complete reviews moving forward.

The search engine giant has also released a long list of other different factors that publishers should consider when it comes to reviews, especially on Google. The review content should reportedly discuss both the benefits and the drawbacks of the given products based on the research that the writer gives.

For reviews to pass the test, it is important for them to talk about some comparable products in order to consider or just explain which particular products could be the best for users, maybe even in different circumstances.

This also explains what would reportedly set the product apart from its massive range of competitors among a number of other factors.

The article by XDA developers notes that with the changes that Google will be rolling out, it should become much easier to be able to find really detailed and high quality reviews when searching through Google. 

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