Apple iPad Pro 2021 Release Date: OLED Panel Upgrade As iPhones Still Use Same Samsung and LG Screens

It currently seems like Apple is now preparing to launch a brand new iPad Pro lineup series in the upcoming 2021 that will be packed with OLED screens. However, it seems like Apple is getting a partner for the Apple iPad Pro 2021 OLED screens, Samsung and LG!

Apple iPad Pro 2021 release date

According to an article by TheElec, both LG Display and Samsung Display, which are actually currently supplying OLED panels for the current iPhones, are now developing a brand new OLED panel specifically for the new tablets expected to launch some time during the second half of next year 2021.

According to the report, Samsung has actually been renovating one of its existing production lines located at its own A4 factory over in Asan in order for the company to be able to produce these OLED screens for the Apple iPad Pro 2021. The story was also reported by Firstpost.

What to expect from Samsung and LG

The company was stated to add a new distribution chamber, which will be able to allow its users to deposit a single layer of RGB. This is before sending the substrate straight back towards the front of the known production line as well as stack an emitting layer right on top of it. This whole process is now undertaken in order to increase the life of the given emitting layer.

According to the report, tablets are now conventionally sued much longer than smartphones. It was also stated to have one emitting layer that may inadvertently cause certain burn-ins from the given blue OLED losing its brightness within the process. The Elec then stated that Apple actually required much higher specs for the given OLED to be used in the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2021 from both LG Display and Samsung Display compared to what they require from their iPhones.

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Apple iPad Pro OLED screen

However, according to the given report, Apple’s whole plan to use the said OLED screen for its own premium tablet line might still be delayed. This entirely depends on the scale of the actual adoption of the given miniLED liquid crystal display or LCD. For the meanwhile, Apple is expected to make use of the direct backlight LCD panels for the given Apple iPad Pro 2021 scheduled next year.

Quite interestingly enough, the source for the release date of the Apple iPad Pro 2021 gives two different halves of 2021. To clarify, the OLED screens are expected to be launched during the second half of next year while the use of backlight LCD panels will be scheduled for the first half of next year.

As of the moment, the specifications of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro 2021 is still unknown and fans will have to wait for the official announcement by Apple. What is known so far is that these next iPad Pros will be using a more upgraded OLED screen courtesy of Samsung and LG.

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