China Reports Coronavirus in Frozen Meat and Packaging from New Zealand, Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina

The coronavirus has become the entire embodiment of 2020 as the global pandemic has shaped not just the health crisis but has also had economical significance in changing the world. With the vaccine on the way and the coronavirus numbers not technically going significantly down, people are still being cautious about contamination and trying to steer clear of the virus.

Coronavirus found in frozen pork packaging from Argentina

According to an article by Reuters, the Chinese city of Jinan has recently stated that just over the weekend, it had actually found certain traces of coronavirus on tripe and beef as well as their packaging coming from different places of Bolivia, Brazil, and also New Zealand. The list also included Argentina as the other provincial capitals were allegedly able to find traces of the strain in the frozen pork packaging, according to an article by CGTN.

China is now increasing its testing on certain frozen foods after it had repeatedly been able to detect the known virus on certain imported products. The spotting of these coronavirus traces has triggered a number of disrupting import bans. This happens even as the known World Health Organization stated that the actual risk of being able to catch COVID-19 coming from frozen food is stated to be quite low.

7,500 people allegedly exposed but tested negative

Over in Jinan, the capital of China’s eastern Shandong province, the goods involved were said to come from a unit of the Guotai International Group as well as the Shanghai Zhongli Development trade according to the city’s municipal health commission’s statement last Saturday.

The said contaminated goods allegedly entered the country through ports in Shanghai, the report stated, without mentioning the companies that actually shipped the different products to China. There were about over 7,500 people who have all been exposed and suddenly tested negative for the said coronavirus.

The frozen pork packaging that allegedly contained coronavirus was reported in Zhengzhou, the official capital of China’s central Henan province, and Xian which is the capital of Shaanxi. There was no definitive answer as to whether or not the two cases were actually connected.

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Frozen pork contains traces of coronavirus

The found samples that came back positive in Zhengzhou are said to come from a specific 24-ton batch of frozen pork that came from a storage facility located in Qingdao, Shandong, according to authorities. China, the world’s number one beef buyer, just last week, found coronavirus on the said packaging of Argentinian beef over in Jiangsu and Shandong, as well as on the packaging they found of Brazilian beef over in Wuhan.

Separately, the known city of Baotou, over in China’s Inner Mongolia region, stated that it had disinfected a number of products and vehicles at the said company. This was done after a particular asymptomatic coronavirus case over in the northern city of Tianjin was said to have come into contact with a few batches of frozen pork coming from France.

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