Even a pandemic cannot halt Indian parents’ obsession with getting their kids to study

Indian parents want their kids to have more screen time than they already do.

With no clear timeline on when schools would reopen for physical classes in India, parents feel their kids are being given the short shrift with online classes. Nearly 70% of them said their children need to spend more time with online classes than they already do, according to a survey by LocalCircles, a community-led social media engagement platform.

This is primarily in response to the central government’s proposal to put a cap on the duration of these classes. According to the set of guidelines, pre-primary students should not have a screen time of more than 30 minutes. For classes 1 through 8, students should attend no more than two sessions of 30-45 minutes each. And for high school—grades 9 through 12—these sessions can be up to four a day.

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